SEBS Visual Identity System

The SEBS Visual Identity System is based on the new Rutgers Visual Identity System. It includes graphics and style elements that are to be employed on websites, PowerPoint presentations, and email signatures, as well as business cards, letterhead, and other print materials. The goal of the system is to provide a cohesive and unified look to all SEBS materials. To that end, we have provided examples and resources below to guide your efforts.

If you have concerns or questions about the SEBS Visual Identity System, contact

SEBS Visual Identity Elements

Email Signatures

Right-click on the image to download.

Rutgers logotype with SEBS signatute.
Rutgers Logotype with SEBS Signature for Email Signature


The Rutgers logos are available as zipped files from the Rutgers Signature Generator. Each zipped file contains multiple versions/file formats to meet a variety of needs.

Rutgers Logo with SEBS Signature

Go to the Signature Generator page, log in with your Rutgers NetID, click on the "Search" button, and enter "School of Environmental and Biological Sciences" in the search box.

PowerPoint Template

Right-click on a filename to download.


Departments purchasing stationery may do so electronically through RU MarketPlace. Look for the punch-out for Dupli. If you do not have access to RU MarketPlace, you will need to contact your business manager for assistance.

Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom/Webex Meetings

Coming soon!